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Microdosing is a highly effective practice that can be seamlessly integrated into your weekly routine. This therapeutic approach appeals to a diverse range of individuals, from mothers seeking greater presence with their children to CEOs in Silicon Valley seeking fresh and innovative business concepts. With its wide-ranging benefits, microdosing serves as a powerful tool for enhancing mental well-being, gradually reducing reliance on antidepressant medications, boosting productivity in the corporate world, sports performance, and nurturing healthier habits and more gratifying relationships. By adopting a deliberate, systematic, and purposeful approach, microdosing holds immense potential to bring about positive transformations and shape your life for the better.

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Microdosing (psilocybin mushrooms) is an earth based holistic medicine that can be defined as intaking 1/10th to 1/20th of a normal dose of a psychedelic. Being that the dose is very subtle, there are no hallucinations when microdosing and you should still feel sociable and able to complete all your normal day to day tasks. In fact, microdosing should enhance your everyday life by providing you with a sense of presence, openness, and the desire and motivation to create healthier choices and habits. Microdosing is a skill and a practice that can continue to be refined for optimal life-changing benefits.


The main goal with microdosing is that it’s not intended to be a one-time/one-day experience, but rather a consistent practice with a specific protocol. Ideally, you’ll be microdosing 2-3x a week, for 30 days minimum, and up 90 days, with a clear intention and purpose behind it, maintaining a specific dosage amount and implementing wellness modalities and rituals that will support the deepening of your practice. Think, immediate and lasting results over a longer period of time.

Research has demonstrated that psilocybin, the active compound found in magic mushrooms, has the potential to enhance neurological plasticity. This refers to the brain's ability to reorganize and establish new neural connections. In simpler terms, psilocybin can help reduce resistance within the brain, enabling it to make changes that may currently feel unattainable or inaccessible. Consequently, you may experience the following benefits:

  • Developing new thought patterns and altering long-standing belief systems

  • Cultivating healthier habits and fostering heightened creativity

  • Enhancing your ability to be present with both yourself and others

  • Breaking free from repetitive and overanalyzing thought patterns that can often lead to feeling stuck in a cycle


Psilocybin is recognized for its ability to reduce blood flow to specific areas of the brain, leading to a state of relaxation and introspection. Moreover, psilocybin directly affects the serotonin 5HT2A receptors in the brain, which play a significant role in regulating mood. As a result, you may experience the following effects:

  • Increased presence and inner peace

  • The ability to slow down and consciously choose how to respond, rather than reacting impulsively

  • Relief from anxiety, depression, and high levels of stress, accompanied by an uplifted mood

Psilocybin has the ability to intensify emotions by bringing unresolved experiences to the surface and promoting a more open, compassionate, and empathetic response. This can be beneficial when you have the necessary resources to effectively process your emotions. Here's why and what you can expect:

  • In a mentoring environment, you have the opportunity to confront and work through challenging emotions, leading to acceptance and a deeper understanding of patterns that may have been influencing you without your awareness.

  • By releasing long-held emotional blockages, you can overcome self-sabotaging behaviors that may be hindering your current experiences.

  • Once you create space within yourself by processing emotions, you may unlock new levels of creativity.


When individuals embark on microdosing without sufficient knowledge and intention, the outcomes often deviate from their initial expectations. Microdosing entails receiving from the medication what one invests into it, emphasizing the importance of education in this context.


As an experienced and certified Microdosing/Psychedelic Integration Coach, I am passionate about providing personalized support to individuals like you who are interested in microdosing.

Having personally experienced the transformative power of microdosing, I understand the profound impact it can have on one's life. That's why I offer a 1-1 mentorship program designed to guide and support you every step of the way.

In our time together, I not only provide guidance on the microdosing practice itself, but I also prioritize the integration of the medicine into your life. Integration is the most important part of any psychedelic experience, as it involves incorporating the insights, lessons, and changes that arise during the microdosing journey into your everyday life.

Through our personalized sessions, I will support and guide you in integrating the experiences and wisdom gained from microdosing. We will explore techniques and practices that can help you fully embody and apply the insights and transformations you receive, allowing for lasting positive change.

I understand that integration can be a complex and sometimes challenging process. That's why I'm here to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for you to share your experiences, ask questions, and receive guidance. Together, we will navigate any challenges, address any concerns, and ensure that you feel supported and empowered throughout the integration process.

My goal is to help you apply the lessons and insights gained from microdosing to enhance your overall well-being, personal growth, and fulfillment. With my personalized mentorship, you can confidently navigate the integration process and maximize the benefits of microdosing in your life.

If you're ready to embark on this transformative journey and receive personalized support in your microdosing practice and integration process, I am here to be your dedicated mentor. Let's work together to explore the possibilities and unlock the full potential of microdosing.


If you are seeking a more profound inner exploration, sustained support, and a deeper understanding of psilocybin for the purpose of establishing an ongoing practice, a 12-week microdosing program may be suitable for you. This dedicated transformative journey is designed to enhance and amplify your microdosing experience, providing long-term benefits and knowledge.

During the duration of our 12-week program, each session combines educational content and integration techniques. The program is designed to equip you with comprehensive knowledge of various microdosing practices and provide personalized integration modalities and resources to help you achieve your desired outcomes throughout the entire journey. This is an individualized program where you will receive personalized guidance and a structured approach tailored to your needs.

What's Included:

  • 12 (weekly) 45-min live Zoom calls

  • A customized microdosing protocol designed for your goals and intentions in the GTW Wellness App

  • Integration resources + a customized integration plan

  • Microdosing best practices and education for optimal outcomes

  • Mastering the skill and practice of microdosing

  • Guidance, structure and accountability

  • Access to high quality medicine + lifetime access

  • Additional microdosing protocols and stacking resources for future microdosing regimens

  • Microdosing 101 for Women online self-study course

  • Communication outside of weekly sessions for on-going integration support through GTW App

Topics & Call Structure

Month 1

Session 1: Microdosing Foundations + Intention

  • On-Boarding into GTW wellness app & course work

  • Goal setting

  • Introduction to Psilocybin

  • The history, the science, today’s research


Session 2: Microdosing Foundations Continued

  • Safety, Harm Reduction and Legalities

  • Ethical sourcing, policy, contraindications

  • Customizing your microdosing protocol


Session 3: Microdosing & Precise Dosing

  • Microdosing protocols

  • Mushroom Strains – which to use in each setting

  • Dosage differences – how to work with each level

  • Integration support


Session 4: Connecting With the Medicine

  • How Psilocybin works in the mind, body, and spirit

  • Trauma-informed & Nervous system regulation modalities

  • Integration support

Month 2

Session 1: Stacking protocols for optimized outcomes

  • Stacking your medicine

  • Daily rituals and practices to deepen your practice

  • Integration support


Session 2: Honing in on your goals & intentions

  • Revisiting your goals / intentions and deeping into how the medicine can support you in achieving them – exercises will be provided to you

  • Sharpening your morning / evening rituals

  • Integration support


Session 3: Life inventory foundational practice

  • You will be guided through a practice to explore each valuable area in your life, and receive support on where and how you would like to improve + resources will be available to you for additional support


Session 4: Uncovering the Truth

  • The Truth, Forgiveness, Self love

  • Integration support

Month 3

Session 1: A deep dive into your habitual habits / patterns

  • Discussing the neuroscience of microdosing and how to work with the medicine to develop healthier habits and ways of being

  • Integration support


Session 2: Your Inner Compass

  • Tune in and get clear on what you truly desire to create for your future, hone in on your north star for vision clarity, and cultivate evidence-proven practices to accelerate motivation and forward momentum

  • Integration support


Session 3: Your Inner Compass

  • Tune in and get clear on what you truly desire to create for your future, hone in on your north star for vision clarity, and cultivate evidence-proven practices to accelerate motivation and forward momentum

  • Integration support


Session 4: Closing Ceremony

  • This last session will be an open space for you to bring any last desires of support and questions into our call

  • Customized integration resources

I have had the privilege of providing individualized mentorship to a diverse clientele, equipping them with the knowledge and techniques to engage in intentional and impactful microdosing practices.

Our collaboration will not only involve personalized guidance on developing a microdosing regimen, but also empower you to regulate your nervous system, leading to a profound understanding and control over your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

By honing these skills, you will be able to cultivate a sense of groundedness, inner connection, presence, and self-resilience that will serve as a foundation for your overall well-being.

  • If you are seeking a transformative journey that nurtures your creativity, enhances self-awareness, and fosters meaningful connections with yourself and others, I am here to support you.

  • If you are searching for a comprehensive approach to transitioning away from antidepressant medications or seeking a natural alternative to medication, I can provide a holistic solution.  

  • If you have been actively engaged in therapy, coaching, or personal development, but still feel unsatisfied with your progress, I offer a fresh perspective and effective strategies to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

  • If you have a deep longing for more fulfillment and enrichment in your life, I am dedicated to assisting you in unlocking your untapped potential.

  • If you are seeking guidance and support in managing depression, anxiety, stress, or addiction, I am equipped to provide the assistance you need.

  • If you are intrigued by the positive testimonials and research surrounding microdosing but unsure of where to begin, I can offer professional guidance to help you navigate this transformative practice.

Microdosing Mentorship is for you if: 


Yes, absolutely. Microdosing is non-hallucinogenic and in working together, we will anchor you into your appropriate dosage to ensure your days are productive, grounded and attentive to the areas you desire to focus on. With the appropriate dosage, you will 100% be able to experience all of the above, and you should feel better doing them!



Microdosing is a resource for you to have in your toolbox whenever you want to work with it. It’s an on-going practice that you now have in your life. Some people microdose for 90-days and feel like they achieved what they desired; they will take breaks and then begin a different protocol for different purposes. Others (such as myself and many people I know) utilize microdosing on and off. The choice is up to you! However, the benefits are long-lasting, so long as you show up fully committed and integrate your outcomes.



First of all, congratulations on taking the time to educate and inform yourself before considering this route, along with reaching out to an experienced professional to support you. This program is ideal for anyone who is new or experienced with psychedelics. You will learn everything you need to know about microdosing, along with receiving full nourishment, support, and safe guidance.



I’m not giving you medical advice and sharing this with your therapist is entirely up to you. Many people I have worked with shared this with their therapist, and many clients have been referred to me by their therapist! If you are looking to taper off your medications while working together, yes, I advise you to share this with your prescribing physician.


Yes absolutely. If you already have some experience navigating any psychedelic via microdosing, this program offers you the opportunity to go deeper and perhaps receive breakthroughs and insight you may have not previously recognized. Working under the guidance of an experienced mentor will offer you clarity and accountability on exploring aspects of yourself in new profound ways. Every medicine experience is different. You will learn new integration tools and new ways to work with microdosing.


Microdosing is different for everyone. I’ve worked with clients where they started seeing positive changes within two days, and for others, it took two weeks. This is why working with a professional is so valuable, as there are unique ways to work with the medicine to ensure you are benefiting from your experience, without giving up out of frustration.

DISCLAIMER: This course does not provide medical advice. The information in this course is not meant to cure, diagnose, prevent, or treat any disease. All content including, text, graphics, video, and information is for general informational and educational purposes only. Read here. 

RETURN POLICY: Due to the downloadable nature of this course, all sales are final. Make sure this course is aligned for you before purchasing.

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