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My name is Karissa, I am the founder of GTW! We are your go-to spot and safe space for all things wellness, birth, and psychedelic destigmatization. 

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Coming soon-

The Psychedelic Cycle: Redefining Women's Hormone Health with Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

We will guide you to become well-versed in microdosing while creating an intentional practice in a safe, supportive container created exclusively for women. This is a transformative journey designed exclusively for women seeking hormonal balance, symptom-free periods, and enhanced fertility. 


Birth Doula Support

Pre/Postnatal Fitness/Wellness

Hormone Health Coaching

Psychedelic Integration Coaching 


Microdosing 101 for Women 

Hormone Optimization 

Birth & Postpartum Education


A revolutionary community platform focused on education, advocacy, and connection to foster conversations about all things women's wellness and psychedelic education & destigmatization.

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