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Is Microdosing 

Your Key To Balanced Hormones?


During this free training you will learn: 

✔ What's behind your hormonal ups and downs 

✔ What is the hype with microdosing psychedelic mushrooms 
✔ ​Common symptoms that are a red flag for hormone imbalances, such as fatigue, brain fog, and acne

✔ How microdosing psilocybin (mushrooms) can lead you to sustained hormone health
​✔ My step-by-step process to support your hormones  and microdose to avoid crazy mood swings and breakouts.

✔ All about The Psychedelic Cycle and whether it’s right for you

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About Your Presenter

Karissa Bollinger works with clients to create changes that work and last! 


Her focus is on hormones, gut health, and using the emerging neuroscience of microdosing psychedelic mushrooms (psilocybin) as a tool to help her clients see results with their goals be that acne, anxiety/depression, weight gain,  period problems, and fertility. 


Through holistically navigating her own PMDD and PMS problems with the help of microdosing, she is now helping hundreds of women (like YOU!) do the same.


Karissa Bollinger 

B.S. Kinesiology, EP-C, INHC, Psychedelic Integration/Microdosing Coach


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