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Join a growing #PsiloSorority community on a transformative journey toward holistic wellness and psychedelic curiosity. 

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The Golden Teacher Women portal is for the psychedelic-curious and wellness-conscious women.

The #PsiloSorority, is a monthly mycelium membership designed to educate, connect, and empower women on their plant medicine journeys... and beyond. However, this initiative and community transcends far beyond psychedelics. This is a closed container for connection & collaboration. The #PsiloSorority is the glue that binds the women who share the collective yearning for community because their initiation on the path towards seeking a more holistic approach to well-being has been ignited.

Psychedelic experiences alone are not enough to reach wholeness or complete healing. That's why we promote a wide range of holistic health educational courses, resources, coaching, and support to assist you to the most whole version of yourself. Our goal is to empower women to take control of their well-being, destigmatize alternative modalities for healing, and deeply question and dismantle modern health"care" system as a whole.



Full access to the #PsiloSorority


Access to the Microdosing Resource Mecca, overflowing with loads of microdosing and wellness information and recommendations.


Access to Mystic Media growing with bonus trainings, interviews, and content to deepen your practices.


Access to an ever-evolving portal of high-quality resources consciously selected for your access. 


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